Redesigned 2018 MacBook Pro Keyboards Won’t Be Used To Fixed Flawed Legacy Machines

Back in June Apple finally admitted that the keyboards on some of its MacBooks were failing prematurely and opened a program to replace those failing keyboards. The version of the MacBook keyboard that folks going through that replacement program have been getting is the version from 2017 that has slightly different markings on it. Recently, the updated 2018 MacBook launched and with the launch of those updated machines came another generation of keyboard.

macbook pro 2018 keyboard

This new third-gen keyboard was found in a recent teardown to have a soft silicone membrane under the keys to prevent dust and debris from getting inside the butterfly mechanism of the keyboard. If material got inside the mechanism it caused keys to feel sticky, repeat presses, or simply not function. With the new MacBook Pro models launching with a new keyboard, owners of older MacBooks that are needing keyboard replacements are rightfully hopeful that Apple will replace that failed keyboard with the new design.

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Reports are now surfacing that claim that the third-generation keyboard will be exclusive to the 2018 MacBook Pro computers. "When asked if Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers will be permitted to replace second-generation keyboards on 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro models with the new third-generation keyboards, if necessary, Apple said, no, the third-generation keyboards are exclusive to the 2018 MacBook Pro," wrote MacRumors. What's unclear right now is if the third-gen keyboards are compatible with the older MacBook Pro models. 

There is a chance that the reason Apple is denying the third-gen keyboard to users requiring a keyboard replacement is that the "top case" of the 2018 MacBook Pro is slightly different than the top case of the older machines. Whatever the scenario, owners looking for a "permanent" fix to their keyboard problems won't be served by the keyboard replacement program. From all accounts, the replacement keyboards that customers are receiving are just as prone to failure. So the only way to truly "fix" any keyboard woes is to apparently purchase a 2018 MacBook Pro, which starts at $1,799 for the 13-inch model with Touch Bar.