Thieves Steal Nearly $1.3M in Goods From Apple Store in Paris

In what seems like it could be a script for an action movie, masked men robbed an Apple Retail Store in Paris, France, on New Year's Eve, making off with a reported £780,000 (almost US$1.3 million) in goods. Police were nearby when the whole thing went down.

Armed with handguns, the thieves broke in through the store's back entrance around 9:00 PM, three hours after the store had closed. A janitor was leaving at the time and was "lightly injured" during the heist, The Telegraph reports.

Apple Store Paris

The robbers skipped over the items on display and went right for stacks of boxes of stocked items. Getaway drivers waited nearby in a parked truck where the boxes were loaded. By 9:40 PM, the job was done and the four or five men believed to have been involved with the robbery were gone.

Police have not confirmed the total value of the stolen goods, as the store's manager is still sifting through the lost inventory.