Thermaltake's LifeCool Notebook Cooling Pad Supports 17-inch Laptops

Thermaltake today announced its new LifeCool Notebook Cooling Pad, and it takes but a single glance to conclude that laptop coolers have never looked so funky. That's okay as long as it works as advertised, and towards that end, Thermaltake promises the LifeCool will play nice with all notebooks between 10 inches to 17 inches in size, which means your swank 17-inch desktop replacement is fair game.

The LifeCool is constructed with a front white metal mesh and a glassy plastic cover. There's a 120mm blue LED fan that's adjustable from 800RPM to 1500RPM via an on/off control knob. It has a skid proof rubber surface to prevent your laptop from sliding off and ruining your afternoon, and sports an unmarked mini-USB port for hooking up external devices.

No word on when the LifeCool will be available or for how much.