Thermaltake Shows Off Core X Cases, Watercooling and Theron Smart Gaming Mouse

Thermaltake is showing off its roomy, new Core X cases at the Consumer Electronics Show, with an eye  towards liquid cooling enthusiasts – particularly “hardcore enthusiasts.” The company announced its new Tt LCS Certified badge, which is designed to help its customers spot “liquid cooling supported” components, like the Core X chassis line.

TT coreXa

The Core X family, which ranges from micro ATX to full tower, has a squat shape and surprisingly customizable interior. Thermaltake designed the cases with liquid cooling in mind, so there are multiple ways to mount reservoirs and radiators – and of course, Thermaltake’s many, many fans. One of the most interesting features of the Core X line is that they’re stackable and have ports for routing cable and tubes, which means you can put your system in one and move all radiators to another, for example.

TT coreXb

Thermaltake also showed us a new kit meant to help new liquid cooling users get up and running without the risk of buying parts that don’t match. The Pacific RL240 Cooling Kit includes a reservoir, radiator, tubing, and a CPU block among other parts.

TT liquidkit

Another slick new device from Thermaltake is the Theron Plus+ Smart gaming mouse, which follows the Poseidon Z Plus+ gaming keyboard. The included software and apps for your tablet let you track how often you’re using specific keys during games. You can share the data online with friends or use the information improve your keyboard hotkey locations (and thus, maybe your game). If you tend to use a key that’s far from your WASD favorites, for example, the software highlights that so you can choose something that’s within easier reach.

TT smartmouse

The new Theron Plus+ Smart gaming mouse works the same way, tracking clicks and button use to give you information about your gameplay style. And, like the keyboard data, you can share mouse click and button information with friends online.