Thecus Introduces 1U4600 Rackmount NAS Server

Thecus Introduces 1U4600 Rackmount NAS Server

A powerful yet versatile enterprise-class rackmount storage device

02/16/2010 – Two short years ago, Thecus Technology shook up the world of enterprise storage with the release of the 1U4500 – a rackmount storage server which utilized SATA technology. Today, Thecus is pleased to announce a follow up to this groundbreaking device: the 1U4600 Rackmount NAS Server. Offering increased system performance and complete security and flexibility, the 1U4600 is an excellent storage solution for the growing enterprise.

Business users need to access data as quickly as possible, which is why the 1U4600 is built for speed. Powered by Intel Celeron technology and 1GB of DDR memory, the 1U4600 delivers tremendous data transfer performance and quick system response even with multiple client access. For organizations that require cloud computing applications, the 1U4600 fits the bill nicely with its cloud networking ability. This feature allows multiple 1U4600 units to be accessed by a master system, forming a huge data pool. Being a Thecus product, data security is also top-notch, featuring multiple RAID modes, including RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD. Best of all, administrators can take advantage of online-RAID volume management to handle such tasks as RAID expansion or migration with zero downtime.

But the 1U4600 is also incredibly flexible. For starters, it can be used in NAS, DAS, or iSCSI mode, depending on the needs of the organization. To keep things running smoothly, the 1U4600 is built with a dual DOM design, which enables the main system DOM to be reprogrammed by a secondary DOM should it fail for any reason. And to guard against sudden power supply failure, power redundancy is also available with the 1U4600R, which packs a 250W redundant power supply for uninterrupted service.

“Enterprises need superior storage at a price that fits within budget, and the newly updated 1U4600 meets these requirements,” said Florence Shih, Thecus General Manager. “With multiple redundancies and superior performance built-in, the 1U4600 sets the new standard in powerful yet versatile enterprise storage.”

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