The Waterproof, Backlit Keyboard You've Always Wanted Is Finally Here

Now, this is interesting. Not the keyboard...well, yes, the keyboard as well, but we're primarily talking about the name of this company. Econo-Keys has just issued its newest keyboard, one that is said to be "waterproof." Maybe we're crazy, but wouldn't you only expect stripped-down keyboards from a company called Econo-Keys? The world is a crazy place, we tell ya!

The EKB-97-TP not only has a name you'll never remember, but it's definitely one of the most rugged and outdoor-ready ones that we have ever seen. It's a sealed design that keeps water out, yet it's still slim enough to be carried about without too much hassle. It also includes an integrated trackpad (rare for a keyboard) and number pad, not to mention a revised blue LED backlighting system that makes it easy to pound away on reports and e-mails through the night.

The company claims that this waterproof keyboard is great for field use and enterprises, but we could definitely see the unconventional consumer picking one up and seeing just how wet things could get before it stopped delivering Tweets. It will start shipping on March 8, 2010, and you can tell by the $196 price tag that this isn't designed for the average keyboard user. But it just might be perfect for the average coffee spiller.

• Fully sealed, IP67 case features no seams or crevices
• Touchpad with left- and right-click keys
• 97 keys, including 12 function keys
• 10-key numeric pad
• 5.25' USB cable connection
• Compatible with all Windows operating systems
• Plug-and-play setup requires no software installation or special drivers
• 14.93” x 5.52” x 0.38”
• 379.2 x 140.2 x 9.7 (mm)

IP67 keyboard protects against:
• Splashing, hose-directed and submerged water
• Bleach, alcohol and hospital-grade disinfectants
• Corrosive, abrasive, acidic and alkaline substances
• Dirt, dust, sand and other airborne debris
• Extreme temperatures