The Power Behind Lucasfilms and ILM's Computing Prowess

You want IOPs?  Got that... You want Petaflops?  Check.  Blades?  Yeah we got a few of those hanging around too... next to the fiber-optic shelves. has the 411 on the kind of power it takes to run a state of the art production house like Lucasfilms.  A couple of those racks ought to do the trick keeping ol' HH with 99.999% up-time. Wonder if the boys over there ever donate their left-overs?

"Inside the data center in San Francisco's Letterman Digital Arts Center, Lucasfilms director of IT operations Kevin Clark stands in front of a rack of the company's state-of-the-art Verari servers, which use AMD Opteron dual-core/dual-processor technology with 16GB of RAM... Many of the servers in Lucasfilm's data center had "Deathstar" stickers on them, a play on the fearsome giant spacecraft used by the Empire in Star Wars."

Deathstar... heh, cool.