The new Woz and Jobs, Leap Motion's Holz and Buckwald Want to Change the Face of Computing

At this point, you've probable heard of Leap Motion. You may not be entirely familiar with what the company is about, or what kind of products it hopes to offer, but the name has been able to cut through the noise of late. In a lot of ways, it's a company built on outlandish dreams, but as duos such as Woz and Jobs have proven before, sometimes it takes a little bit of wild to change the world.

David Holz and Michael Buckwald have founded a company and helped invent Leap Motion, which essentially allows users to easily interact with a PC via hand gestures.

Credit: Leap Motion, Inc.

If you're familiar with Sony's Move or Microsoft's Kinect, you get the gist. Behind the product is an even larger goal: to kill the interface. If you think about it, PC users have seen "a desktop" for a very, very long time. In fact, we've grown so used to it that Microsoft took untold amounts of flack just for trying to reinvent the Start button and Menu Bar in Windows 8. Change in technology can be tough when you're messing with the mainstream.

The duo thinks that the real hurdle to overcome isn't size or speed, but interaction. They feel that easy interfacing with PCs would lead to new innovations, and early reviews of the product seem to be quite positive. It remains to be seen if a two-man start-up can revolutionize the way we think about PC interaction, but hey, someone has to try it.