The Matching Pants Better Be Washable

File this under: Nifty. A doctor working on a pneumatic vest used to remotely prod patients and allow diagnoses to be made over the internet hit on the idea of using the vest to simulate video game damage being inflicted on the player.

A vest designed by doctor Mark Ombrellaro uses air pressure and feedback from computer games to deliver pneumatic thumps to the spots on players' torsos where they would have been struck were they actually on the battlefields.

The "3rd Space" vest will make its US debut in November at a price of 189 dollars. It will be launched with the first-person shooter game "Call of Duty" and a custom-made title.

They are working on adapting the vest to simulate g-force, and the centripetal forces you'd feel for flight and driving games as well. Want. But even though I'm willing to wear the vest, I'm not willing to go with any matching bow tie.

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