The iPhone 5 Cometh, Apple's Online Store Down in Preparation for Launch

Want to head over to Apple's online store and order a MacBook Pro? You can't, at least not yet. What about an iPod touch, iPhone 4S, MacBook Air, or anything else the Cupertino company sells? Sorry, but Apple's online store is temporarily closed. You already know the reason why, but for the one or two people living cozily under a rock, it's because Apple's preparing for the iPhone 5.

Apple's holding a major press event later this afternoon to announce its latest iPhone, which will undoubtedly be bigger, faster, and better equipped than previous versions. You can bank on 4G LTE connectivity, and based on all the leaked pictures and rumors, a larger touchscreen is a given, as well. It will have a smaller dock connector, and maybe a fancy feature or two that no one suspects.

Apple Store Sign

In the meantime, Apple isn't letting anyone shop at its Web store, and unless you're willing to give your click finger a workout, you're probably better off waiting until the initial frenzy dies down. For as much as Apple is worth, it seems like the company can't invest in an infrastructure capable of handling the demand its product launches bring to save its life.

In any event, since we're just hours away of knowing all about the iPhone 5, anyone care to issue some last minute predictions or feature wishlists? Sound off in the comments section below!