The Internet Is For Pr0n. Pay Up

Since very few people on the visible side of the pornography industry are wearing any clothes, it seems like it would be a very casual business. But it's about as organized and avaricious as any business on the Internet, and it's getting angry. Many pornographers have banded together and formed the PAK Group, a sort of naked RIAA or MPAA, and they're preparing an onslaught of litigation on anybody they can find that's pirating their intellectual property and making a buck on it.

...styled after the ever-so-popular YouTube, there are now hundreds of these sites offering free streaming video complete with search engines, indexed content, tagging, and in some cases even a download option. Much of their content, however, is pirated.

“The use of stolen content had become so pervasive that I couldn't surf the adult Internet without running into stolen copies of our images,” said Tucker in an interview with industry periodical XBIZ. “Not only did this really put a damper on my late-night porn surfing, but it upset me to no end. Instead of enjoying adult entertainment, I started using those late-night hours to document thieves.”

The problem with tubes is synonymous with the copyright difficulties that YouTube occasionally finds itself in; except in the tubes’ case, there are no real challengers – until now. This, combined with the numerous porn-only BitTorrent trackers and the copious amounts of porn available on Usenet and other P2P networks, prompted
[porn industry spokesman]Tucker and his group into action.

If there's ever been a funnier phrase in an interview than: "Not only did this really put a damper on my late-night porn surfing, but it upset me to no end," I haven't seen it. But I wouldn't go touting myself as big fans of the approach the RIAA has taken to chasing after copyright infringers if I was the PAK. That's the most hated name on the Internet, and your best customers might get turned off and tell you to "go have sex with yourself." Just not that politely.

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