The Future Of Lightswitches

Nobu has just released a new inwall touchscreen computer that's bound to get the home automation crowd to sit up and take notice. It's fanless, so it won't annoy you when you use it for application like home theatre or office, and with a 1.0 GHz Intel Celeron onboard, it's not a toy.

The new 8" panel is a fully functional inwall touchscreen PC with all necessary input/output ports to control any subsystem or automation hardware in your home or office. Our goal with the new design is to satisfy a large demand for a smaller inwall touchpanel as well as to create the most robust, powerful, and visually appealing touchscreen on the planet.

Not cheap at a reported $3625. But the solid state disk drive and fanless processor make it an attractive choice for powerful, quiet wall candy. Your remote controls are all lost in the cushions anyway.

Nobu 8" Inwall Touchscreen

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