The Future Of Lightswitches

There's a lot of smart hardware in your house already. Unfortunately, they're mostly dumb as a brick when it comes to communicating with each other. So Nobu has a new touchscreen in-wall computer to integrate all those disparate technological marvels you've got available to you right now, if you could just find the remotes:

The new 8" panel is a fully functional inwall touchscreen PC with all necessary input/output ports to control any subsystem or automation hardware in your home or office. Our goal with the new design is to satisfy a large demand for a smaller inwall touchpanel as well as to create the most robust, powerful, and visually appealing touchscreen on the planet. We designed the N8 without a fan to eliminate noise and also to eliminate possible points of failure. In addition we will offer the high performance industrial Compact Flash and FiD hard drive as an alternative to a standard 5400RMP hard drive. The N8 is available in a few different configurations. It will be available with both a 600MHz fanless Intel Celeron M or 1.1GHz fanless LV Intel Pentium M processor. The N8 will be available with Windows XP Professional or without an operating system for special applications.

Nobu calls their system "Home Tecor," and they want to offer a smart way to consolidate lighting, security, climate, theater, audio, web cameras, and assorted other devices that could make your life easier, if they didn't make it so miserable while you're trying to run them.

Nobu's new 8" touchpanel.

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