The Force Awakens With Devon's $28,500 Star Wars Limited Edition Watch

If the Force is strong in your bank account and you're looking for a new timepiece, luxury design firm Devon Works has come up with a limited edition watch that's more advanced than the Death Star. It's the new "Star Wars by Devon" co-branded watch with a patented system of interwoven Time Belts and hybrid electro-mechanical power.

The watch is a celebration of Devon's fifth anniversary. It combines glass-reinforced nylon belts (same as used in the gauges on the original 747 aircraft) with multiple high-tech optical recognition cells, micro-step motors, and no less than 313 electrical contacts. Materials used in the construction of the Star Wars timepiece are sourced from an aerospace company located in California.

Devon Works Star Wars Watch

"The technology for our watches didn’t exist. We had to create everything from scratch and invent as we went along," says Scott Devon, founder and creative director of Devon Works. "This project came into being because of our revolutionary design and desire to strive for something different."

Keeping true to the Star Wars franchise now owned by Disney, the watch incorporates elements of Darth Vader and the TIE Fighter. For example, the wings of the TIE Fighter span out on both sides of the case, the screws that connect the casing and lugs are designed as aircraft turbine intakes, and there are pointed silver screws that emulate the ones on Darth Vader's helmet.

This is a 316L stainless steel watch with a black diamond-like coating, scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens with "bulletproof durability," onboard microprocessor, 350 individual parts, and a lithium-polymer rechargeable battery that recharges wirelessly through an inductive charging tower (the watch lasts two weeks on a single charge).

Only 500 of these watches are being made. If you want one of these timepieces, you'll need a $2,500 down payment towards its $28,500 retail price. You can pre-order one here and receive a pair of limited edition TIE Fighter cuff links with your watch.
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