The Deeell PC

There's a yearly conference going on out in Carlsbad, CA, called D: All Things Digital. This year makes it D6. There's plenty of interviews of the movers and shakers in our digital world by the movers and shakers in the digital print media that we could talk about. Nahh. Michael Dell went to the bathroom or somewhere else non-official and was waving around a spiffy new UMPC. That's news!

D6 is a two day-event during which tech industry leaders and luminaries share the stage with Walt Mossberg and/or Kara Swisher and participate in frank discussions about their companies, their products and prognosticate about the future.  Michael Dell chatted with Walt earlier today and they covered a wide range of topics.

Hats off to Brian Lam of Gizmodo as he seems to have caught Michael roaming the halls between sessions and saw he was carrying something our Ideastorm contributors will recognize. Michael positioned it as the perfect device for the next billion internet users. 

Dell seems to have come up with their own version of the Asus eee PC. And they've adopted the absolute ultimate form factor and design motif in the history of American industry and culture. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Dell Etch-A-Sketch:

Just kidding about the name, of course, it doesn't seem to have one yet. Dell wouldn't answer any questions about operating systems or prices and features, but if you look at the keyboard closely there's a Windows button on there. I'm going out right now and buying two big white plastic knurled knobs to glue on top of this thing when it comes out to complete the effect. Laptops are too big and cost too much. This is what we want. It'll keep Asus honest, anyway. Faster, please.