The Case Is Closed But The Story Continues...

The case against Jammie Thomas of Minnesota is (still) over, and the restitution is still $222,000.  For somebody making $36,000 a year, that might seem excessive, so what is she planning on doing to pay this off?

She's made the following statement:

"I'm not going to ask for financial help," she told The Associated Press on Friday. But she added, "If it comes, I'm not going to turn it down, either."

Wow.  We're just glad that she's not planning on asking us to help pay that bill!

The trial itself was full of great one-liners, and stories that contradicted those told (under oath) to a previous case.  Perhaps a movie studio will buy the rights from her and turn this into a great comedy based on real events.

Nah, such a movie would probably just get pirated anyway.
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