'The Arcade' Hotel For Gamers Boosts Amsterdam's Cool Cred With Classic And Modern Consoles

If you're a gamer who's planning to travel to Amsterdam in the future, there's a new hotel that's well worth checking out. Called "The Arcade", its name doesn't leave much to the imagination. This is a hotel that caters to gamers through and through, and the only reason we'd imagine a gamer wouldn't want to check in is because they want to make sure they don't spend their entire vacation at the hotel.

The Arcade Hotel 01

For starters, each room in The Arcade hotel is kitted out with a classic console and a TV that it's best-suited for (in one shot, someone playing Duck Hunt for the NES on an old CRT TV can be seen). In other shots (via the hotel's Facebook page), we see people looking through old Atari games, and a classic Xbox original controller can be seen lingering around.

The hotel doesn't specialize in just classic gaming, though. While it's hard to tell exactly what the hotel has on hand, one Facebook posts shows a Microsoft rep dropping off two Xbox One consoles that were sponsored to the hotel. Did Sony counteract? None of the pictures hint at that.

The Arcade Hotel 02

If you're bored with video games and just want to chill out, you might want to take advantage of the comic book selection in the main lobby. Then, if you feel like gaming again, you can pick up one of the handhelds kicking around, and even strike up some multiplayer action with someone.

The big question is: why on Earth doesn't a hotel like this exist in every city?