The Android G1 Launches

In a glitzy multimedia event reminiscent of some other high-profile phone we probably don't need to mention, Google and T-Mobile today introduced the T-Mobile G1, the first Android-based cell phone. 

Pricing and availability details (that's all you care about, right?) are as follows:

Existing T-Mobile customers can order today.  However, delivery and store availability won't be until Oct. 22nd.  Pricing is $179 with a two-year plan.  For other countries, November will see the device in the U.K. and it'll spread across Europe in 2009.

Additionally, earlier today announced that the device will have a pre-installed Amazon MP3 application, so users can browse, search and buy easily.  However, downloads of music will require a wi-fi connection.

"Increasingly, connectivity does not just mean a phone call, but rather access to the world's information," said Andy Rubin, senior director of mobile platforms for Google. "Today's news signifies an important first step for the Open Handset Alliance: With Android, we've opened the mobile Web not only for millions of users, but also to mobilize the developer community that understands the next most important platform in the world rests in the palm of our hand."

Android is open-source, and Google made no attempt to hide that focus during their presentation.  The latest flap over the App Store and Apple's policies, as well as discontent due to the restrictive nature of the SDK and Apple's developer agreements could serve to push 3rd-party developers to Android.

But while analysts are sure the G1 will generate interest, they don't expect the wild frenzy the iPhone saw.  Still more to come, obviously.
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