The 2006 Best of Web 2.0

Today's internet is a lot different than the internet ten years ago. Even five years ago, the internet seemed a bit primitive compared to it's current state. With more people all over the world logging on, sending e-mails, playing games, downloading music, and sharing photos, we've seem some pretty cool internet based applications develop. Sites that allow you to host photos and videos have become popular, and it's hard to imagine a life without the convenience of RSS feeds. So for Designtechnica's latest article, they've decided to explore some of the best the web has to offer in 2006.

"The next generation of the web is here! With new kinds of desktop-like applications being released left and right, how will you know where to go and what to use? That's why we're here: To show you the best of Web 2.0 sites that you can get the most out of. No matter the task, video, audio, or photos, we have a site that works great for what you want to do and uses all the great features of Web 2.0 technology."