The $100 laptop now the $188 laptop

The One Laptop per Child program's XO-1, orginally slated to be $100, has now nearly reached $200 in price.  Current estimates have risen to $188.

While less than $200 for an innovative, wireless-enabled, hand-powered laptop is a relative bargain, a price nearly twice what the project's memorable nickname promised could make it harder for One Laptop Per Child to sign up international governments as customers. Those governments are expected to give the computers to children for them to keep and tinker with, which the project's founders believe will cause critical thinking and creativity to blossom.

"Where does it end? It started out at $130, then it was $148, then it was $176, now it's $188 -- what's next? $200?" said Wayan Vota, the former director of the Geekcorps international tech-development organization and current editor of the OLPCNews blog. "You have these governments who were looking at this original, fanciful $100-per-child figure, now we're going up towards or maybe past $200."

It's still a great price, though whether or not this affects the possible plans of the OLPC project to launch a commercial version of the XO-1 or not, is unknown.

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