Thailand lifts five-month ban on YouTube

YouTube wanna-be users in Thailand felt a weight lift yesterday as the government lifted a 5-month ban of the video service.  The ban was instituted when an anonymous user posted a clip deemed insulting to the king.

The ban was imposed five months ago, after an anonymous user posted a clip showing digitally-altered images of revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej next to a photograph of feet.

Thais believe feet are the lowest and dirtiest part of the body, and avoid ever showing the soles of their feet in public. Placing feet next to anyone's head is seen as a tremendous insult.

We'd say the ban actually backfired, as after the ban was imposed, clips spoofing the king ballooned on YouTube.  Of course, no one in Thailand could see them anyway, so no harm done, eh?  Filters have now been installed to protect the king's, er, delicate sensibilities.
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