Thailand Flood Continues to Disrupt Overseas Electronics Companies

Seagate on Wednesday provided an update on its operations in Thailand following severe flooding that has ravaged the region. The hard drive maker said all of its factories in Thailand are operational and there aren't any logistical issues with employees getting to work, but it's not business as usual.

"The hard disk drive component supply chain is being disrupted and it is expected that certain components in the supply chain will be constrained," Seagate said in a statement. "Given the volatility of the situation it is unclear what the magnitude of the supply chain disruption will be to Seagate’s hard disk drive output from its Thailand operations.

"Seagate is actively managing its supply chain and factory output to align production capabilities and optimize its build schedule to meet customer requirements. As a result of the disruption caused by the floods, Seagate anticipates hard drive supply will be constrained throughout the current quarter."

Seagate said it would provide further updates on its quarterly conference call on Thursday, October 20, 2011. Meanwhile, the flooding has taken its toll on other electronics companies as well. Western Digital, for example, announced yesterday that production of hard drives in its facilities close to Bangkok, Thailand, will be constrained in the current quarter. Several other electronics makers have been affected, as well.