Thailand Bans Tropico 5 Because it Could 'Affect Peace and Order'

It's not uncommon to learn of a video game being banned in some country, but it is kind of rare to get a reason that's not simply "it's too violent". No one would question why Wolfenstein isn't sold in Germany, of course, and likewise, it's kind of understandable why China doesn't particularly like Battlefield 4 - even if its suggestion that it's a "threat to national security" is ridiculous.

But a ban for a game like Tropico 5? That's a lot harder to understand. Except when it involves a country like Thailand that currently has its government overthrown, that is.

Tropico 5 is a sim that allows players to build up a country from its inception, progressing through various notable points in time (like World War II and the Cold War), all the way up to the present. As this country's leader, you hold the power to make all the important decisions, including writing laws that you see fit.

And with that, you might be able to understand a little why Thailand doesn't want the game to be sold at the current time, despite the previous games selling quite well there, as per its publisher Kalypso Media.

Still, at the core, a ban really seems to prevent little. Thailand's Board of Film and Video Censors notes that the game could "affect peace and order", which is something I can't wrap my head around - nothing a player does in this game affects the real-world, after all. Thailand is known to be pretty strict with its censoring, though, even going as far as to censor alcohol and anything it deems "immoral" in media.

For those in Thailand who wish to play Tropico 5, your best hope is that once the governmental situation resolves, the decision will be reversed. That does seem unlikely, however.

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