Tesla To Hit Supercharger Hogs With Per Minute ‘Idle Fee’

If a customer complains to the right person, it's impressive just how quickly action can be taken. On December 10, a Twitter user pinged Tesla head Elon Musk about how ridiculous it is that Supercharger stations are always being hogged by people with fully-charged vehicles. Without much hesitation, Musk replied, stating that action will be taken.

Well, it sure didn't take long for that action to be taken. Beginning right now, if Tesla owners hog a Supercharger, their bank account is going to be dinged until the vehicle is removed.

tesla supercharger

It's hard to find fault with this mechanic, as the terms are quite reasonable. For each minute someone hogs a Supercharger after their vehicle is charged, a fee of $0.40 will be charged to their account each minute. If the auto is removed within 5 minutes of it being charged, the fee is waived.

Tesla draws a suitable comparison: you wouldn't put up with someone being parked at a gas station pump. Superchargers are no different. Users should get in, get the job done, and leave.

Tesla seems to be making the right move: the fees are modest. Perhaps the company is too modest, as some might not feel even $10 to be worth interrupting their activities. But because Tesla has full reigns on its infrastructure, it could punish serial offenders in time. Imagine hogging so many Superchargers that the next one you use simply denies you access? It could be done, if Tesla was so inclined.