Ho Ho Ho! Tesla ‘Santa Mode’ Christmas Present Discovered In Recent Software Update

It may be time for Christmas and other December holidays, but Tesla has decided to inject some Easter into the current season. Just days ago, the company released yet another Easter egg; and in this holiday season, it couldn't be more appropriate.

model 2 white

Once the latest Easter egg is activated, your Tesla infotainment system on the in-dash display will switch into Santa Mode with the jolly old elf on his sled. And when using autopilot, it changes all of the surrounding traffic into reindeer. You could say that Tesla really sleighed this one!

To access the hidden treat, you need to have your vehicle updated to the 2017.50.2 firmware. At that point, you must tap and hold the T in "Tesla" on the main screen, wait for the info screen to present itself, and then slide that screen upward to reveal the secret Easter egg menu. Alternatively, you can use the voice prompt and say "Ho Ho Ho", which admittedly seems like the easier, and perhaps cooler way to access this particular one. 

If you're a Tesla owner who's never seen any other Easter egg available in the firmware, you could go about accessing the latest gag the "hard" way, again by tapping (and holding) T above the auto on the main menu of the dash, and sliding the info screen upward. It's a simple way to experience those Easter eggs you might have missed.

Tesla clearly isn't just content to make some of the best EVs going; it also wants to give owners a few chuckles and surprises along the way. It's the little things, as they say.