Tesla Readies Software Update For Autosteer And Autopark Capability

Tesla Model S owners: some goodies are en route. Via a couple of tweets, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that an update will be rolling out in the near-future that will improve its flagship's highway autosteer and parallel parking capabilities. Parallel parking explains itself, but on the autosteer front, the car would be able to handle highway driving 100%, without the driver having to push a single control.

Musk mentions that one challenge with the autosteer feature is dealing with faded lines while driving at dusk; it seems that once a solution for that is issued, this update will be released.


While these forthcoming updates help make Tesla's Model S even more autonomous, it's important to note that the company doesn't have the goal of making its cars 100% autonomous right now. It seems inevitable that we'll reach that point sooner than later, though, as Musk has many times in the past said that he believes autonomous driving to be a major part of our future.

That has a far greater chance of happening once autonomous cars become more affordable for mass adoption, though.