Tesla Model S Software 8.1 Update Enables Summon, Autopilot Autosteer At Up To 80 MPH

Tesla autopilot
If you are the lucky owner of a Hardware 2.0 (HW2) Tesla Model X or Model S, a new software update is beaming down to your vehicle that enables some new functionality. The Tesla 8.1 software update brings with it a number of updates for the Autopilot 2.0 system and adds some UI improvement for the vehicles’ massive display screens.

With respect to Autopilot 2.0, many of the features simply bring functionality to parity with the first-generation Autopilot system. Tesla has improved Autosteer, which now allows the vehicle to steer on the highway at speeds up to 80 mph (previously, the limit was 45 mph).  For safety reasons, Tesla says that your hands must remain on the wheel at all times with Autosteer enabled, which seems to take a bit of the usefulness out of the feature, but we digress…

model s exterior

Auto Lane Change enables a Model X or Model S to change lanes on its own when you engage the turn signal. “The vehicle detects adjacent lanes, shows them on the instrument panel with highlighted solid lines, and moves itself in the direction specified,” writes Tesla. “When the dashed line on the instrument panel becomes solid again, the lane change is complete and you may disengage the turn signal”.

The Summon feature, which is listed as still being in beta, allows you to park or retrieve your Model S or Model X while you are outside the vehicle. According to Tesla, you must first position the vehicle with 39 feet of its intended “parking” position. You then can get out of the vehicle and have it either drive forward or reverse into the parking spot using either the key fob or the Tesla mobile app. You can customize Summon to adjust for bumper clearance and side clearance.

model s interior

Tesla explains that Summon is most beneficial for when it is impossible or very difficult to get physical exit a vehicle in a narrow parking spot or garage).

The Tesla 8.1 software is now being pushed out to vehicles via an over-the-air update. Autopilot is available as an option on all new Model S and Model X EVs. It will also be an option on the upcoming entry-level Model 3 sedan.