Tesla Model S Rings In New Year With Spectacular Supercharger Roast Fest

tesla roasting
Tesla MotorsModel S is regular in the news, mostly for being a rather kickass electric vehicle. In its most potent guise, the Model S P85D in ‘Ludicrous Mode’ packs nearly 700hp and can rip off 0-60 times of less than 3 seconds and completes the 1/4 mile run in 10.9 seconds.

However, one particular Model S in Norway is gaining attention for all the wrong reasons. One particular Model S owner performed a seemingly simple and relatively routine procedure with his vehicle -- he pulled up to one of Tesla’s Supercharger stations and plugged it in to top off the lithium-ion battery pack.

Luckily for the driver, he didn’t stick around in his car while the vehicle recharged. We say “luckily” because there as an obvious malfunction during the charging process which caused the Model S to catch on fire, promptly during to a crisp.

Unfortunately, as this incident just happened, there’s not much in the way of additional information on what exactly went wrong. Some users on reddit are pointing the finger at the Supercharger, saying that it was a temporary charging station.

bjornnyland writes:

I have used this temporary one a few times. It actually delivers more. The other ones are of the first six in Europe/Norway. So they are limited to 105 kW. Whereas the temporary can hit 118 kW. However, I did have problems one time with one of the plugs. It stopped charging several times. So in the end I moved to one of the old plugs. I don't know if this has something to do with it. Most likely not.

Whatever the case, we sure that representatives for Tesla will be quick to jump on this latest incident to provide us with a full analysis. We’ll update this story once that information is handed down.