Tesla Model S 6.0 Software Update Brings Remote Start And Traffic-Based Navigation

If you’re driving a Tesla Model S, you’ll soon notice an update to the software powering your car’s wildly-cool, 17-inch display. In fact, you may have already received Tesla’s Software 6.0 update, thanks to the electric car’s over-the-air updating capability.

The software update for the Tesla Model S electric car adds plenty of new features to the car's operating system.
The Tesla Motors Model S has a 17-inch touch display and is powered by custom software. The latest update provides remote start capabilities and traffic updates, among other features.

Some of the update’s new features will be ones that you can see on the screen, such as the nickname for your car, while others you’ll experience, rather than see. One of those is Location-Based Air Suspension, which automatically raises your car when you encounter an area that needs higher-than-normal clearance, like a steep driveway. You’ll need to tell the car to raise its suspension the first time, but after that, the car will remember whenever you approach that bump again.

The software introduces two beta features: traffic updates and calendar synching. The traffic updates feature means you’ll get word on traffic issues on your daily commute, even if you aren’t using the navigation tool for directions. The calendar feature will display your smartphone’s calendar for the day and will navigation info for any of the events for which you’ve entered a location. Another neat new feature: you can now start your electric car remotely with your smartphone.