Tesla CEO Elon Musk To Bury 'Range Anxiety' With 700+ Mile Range EVs By 2020

The greatest concern most people have with regards to electric vehicles is no doubt obvious: range. While driving around town and from city to city is possible today, few are willing to consider going on lengthier road trips with their EVs. However, as more and more recharge stations roll out, it will become far easier to do that as time goes on. Still, to have more capability upfront would be ideal.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the battery situation is only going to get better. In an interview with Danish newspaper Borsen this week, Musk notes that we should be able to see 1,000 KM (~621 miles) range possible in the next year with select models, and by 2020, he believes that 1,200 KM (~745 miles) should be feasible. It also seems probable, as the current Model S can achieve upwards of 800 KM, albeit at very modest driving speeds.

model s photo gallery 02

The interview also turned to auto-driving, where Musk confirmed that an update will likely roll out in a month's time that will allow people to take advantage of auto-steering (or auto pilot) on highways or "relatively simple roads". Further, full autonomy should be achieved in three years, although Musk is quick to say that regulators wouldn't actually allow it to happen for another 1 - 3 years afterwards.

As for the future? Musk wouldn't expect a major shift to happen for quite some time, simply based on the fact that there are 2 billion cars out there right now, and those need to be gradually replaced with newer models, hopefully electric. If costs continue to drop as they are, and the technology advances as it is, we could see a dramatically different landscape in ~15 years. One that likely involves far fewer accidents, especially lethal.