Temporary Number Service Helps Protect Your Real Phone Number

Thanks to a new service from Roamware called Temporary Number Service (TNS), cell phone users can now have two phone numbers on a single phone without the need to switch SIM cards. When activating the service, users will be given the option to choose from a list of temporary numbers. After choosing a number, the user can make and receive calls and text messages from the temporary number. To help users avoid making calls from their permanent number, the service will store temporary contacts in a separate location from other contacts in the phone book.

Temporary Number Service (TNS) Allows Customers to Have Two Numbers on One SIM

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Roamware, Inc., a leading provider of roaming and Mobile Financial Services (MFS) solutions, announces the launch of a Temporary Number Service (TNS) – an innovative service that enables operators to offer an additional number to an existing subscriber for a limited period without having to issue an additional SIM card.

The service which allows subscribers to have two separate numbers without having to carry two separate devices or even switching SIMs is particularly useful to mobile users who need to share their number in the public domain for a short period of time. For example one can share his or her number in newspaper advertisements or on to-let boards without worrying about it being misused.

"People are anxious about sharing their personal phone number with strangers but often find that they have to when they are, for instance, selling items on eBay or advertising their business in local papers or on billboards – Roamware's Temporary Number Service is ideal in situations such as these. It is also useful when you need a number only for a few months," said Abraham Punnoose, vice president, marketing and business development at Roamware.

The service can be activated by the user by simply dialing in a request using a special code, in response; the user will receive a list of the available temporary numbers from which they can select one number of their choice to activate the service. The user can then make/receive calls or send/receive text messages from the temporary number. The user will be able to store the temporary contacts separate from their normal contacts in their phone book so as to avoid making calls to them from their regular number.