Teen Dies After 40-hour Diabo 3 Marathon Game Session

Diablo III proved deadly for an 18-year-old gamer who died at an Internet cafe in Taiwan after playing the hack-and-slash title for 40 straight hours without taking a break. Local media reports he didn't eat for nearly two days until he ultimately collapsed and died.

Police are currently investigating the official cause of death with the help of an autopsy, but it's expected he died of cardiovascular problems resulting from spending hours and hours in a sedentary position. This is actually the second time someone in Taiwan has died this year from playing videogames.

Diablo 3

Videogame related deaths aren't as infrequent or rare as one might think. They're usually associated with marathon game sessions that last multiple days, with cardiac arrest often ruled as the cause of death. It's something to be conscious of when you find the hours ticking off the clock in front of your PC or console. Let this be a reminder to take frequent breaks and to get outside every once in awhile.