Teen Creates DIY Death Ray

Eric Jacqmain's version of Archimedes' Death Ray is, based on the video below, a hot item. While obviously overhyped when described as having the power of 5,000 suns, it definitely has enough power to melt or burn everything he tried it on.

Eric Jacqmain, 19, took 5,800 tiny mirrors, put them onto a 5'9” dish at a cost of only about 90 dollars, and proceeded to obliterate anything he put into its focal point (you remember discussions on parabolic reflectors from high school, don't you?).

It is doubtful that it has the power of 5,000 suns (despite the number of mirrors) since that would mean (based on the temperature at the surface of the sun) a temperature of 5,000 x 6,000 °C or 30 million °C.

Jacqmain is making a larger one, one with 32,000 mirrors. The one in the video, ironically, was destroyed in a fire.