Tango Smartphone-Sized ‘Gameable’ PC With AMD Kaveri Makes a Splash on Indiegogo

It's taken some time for hardware to gain an edge over software, and now that it's happened (for the most part, anyway), we're seeing a shift in the market place towards smaller computing devices. The mini PC movement has already begun, and whereas it may not have been possible to build a handheld-sized system capable of running all your programs smoothly, such a luxury has become a reality, which in turn is leading to unique form factors and configurations. One example is the Tango PC, billed as the "world's smallest most powerful PC."

Tango PC's crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo has already been successful, with the project raising more than its $100,000 goal with 14 days still remaining. That means there's still time to back the project with a contribution of your own, along with certain rewards based on how many pieces-of-eight you're willing to toss at the Tango PC team.


So, what is Tango PC? In short, it's a full-fledged system about the size of a smartphone. It's built around AMD's Kaveri platform with an AMD A6-5200 quad-core APU (2GHz) with integrated Radeon HD 8400 graphics. It also features a single SO-DIMM DDR3-1600 slot with support for up to 8GB of RAM and a mSATA socket. An accompanying DockPort device adds HDMI output, three USB 3.0 ports, a single USB 3.0 port, an Ethernet jack, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Any operating system that runs on a laptop PC should install just fine on a Tango PC, including Windows 7, Windows 8, and various flavor of Linux. In addition to your choice of OS, how you use the device is up to you as well. Armed with powerful graphics. the Tango PC team says you can treat it as a console in your pocket, while workaholics can use the system as a portable office machine. Plus, it's upgradeable.

More than just a concept, Tango PC is ready to go with engineering samples already by a large manufacturer in Asia, the company says. To bring it to market, Tango PC's developers need to place a bulk order with retail packaging, hence the Indiegogo campaign.