Take a Peek at the Samsung Sidekick 4G

It looks as though T-Mobile is tapping into Samsung to build its new Sidekick 4G smartphone, which is keeping the newest Sidekick true to form in style. If leaked photos are to be believed, you can expect the Sidekick 4G to sport Google's Android OS and and probably a front-facing camera, the latest fad in smartphone design.

TmoNews got its hands on the leaked pics, which look like they were taken by a 5-year-old with his Spongebob branded digital camera. Piss-poor quality aside, there are several shots to look at, one of which shows a blurry logo of Samsung etched into the back.

The above mentioned front-facing camera isn't a sure thing, but it looks like there's one if you direct your attention to the top corner. You can also make out several familiar buttons, a swiveling display, and what could possibly be a custom skin on top of Android.