Taiwan Launches Xiaomi Probe Over Cyber Security Threat Concerns

Governments have long worried that foreign device manufacturers could use their products to spy on users, but proving that it’s actually happening has been notoriously difficult. The Taiwanese government is the latest to investigate claims of Trojan horse devices, after receiving complaints accusing Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi of selling phones that could collect user data and send the info to servers elsewhere in China.

Xiaomi is a Chinese phone maker that has become a leader in smartphone sales in China.
Xiaomi Mi4. Image Credit: Xiaomi

The probe puts a spotlight on a growing vulnerability – not just for governments, but for citizens, as well – when it comes to the devices we carry. Your phone has two cameras and a mic, and your tablet is similarly equipped. And, of course, you store plenty of personal data in your smartphone, tablet, and computer. It’s hard enough fending off outside hackers. Other countries, including the U.S., have expressed reservations about some foreign devices for the same reasons.