Tag Heuer Launches $6700 "Link Phone" With Wild Exterior, Android 2.2

When you think about a company like Tag Heuer, you're probably familiar with their watches. After all, they're a watch company. But they also do something else: phones. The company has just revealed one of the wildest, most expensive smartphones that we've ever seen, the stunning "Link Phone." It's sporting an outlandish design; something only the most loyal Tag fans are likely to appreciate. And here's something that almost no one will appreciate. A $6700 price tag. We know they're aiming at a very specific market, but OUCH!

For what it's worth, the company does include a great many extras: there's a 3.5" qHD display, 4G radio, 1080p movie recording, an NFC chip, 16GB of RAM, 1GB of memory and an exterior decorated with alligator/lizard skin, rubber, diamond accents and plenty of titanium and leather. It also ships with Android 2.2, so those familiar with Froyo may be able to sort their Gmail if they can overlook the ritzy chassis.

We highly doubt this promotional video will make you feel any more comfortable about the price, but it is actually pretty impressive.
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