TAC Bulletproof Car CEO So Confident In Product He Let’s Employee Rip It Up With An AK47 While He’s Inside

Many creators tend to stand behind their work no matter what field they are in. After all, Michael Bay stands behind his work on the Transformers movies, Stephanie Meyer stands behind her Twilight novels, and even Uwe Boll stands behind his game-to-movie adaptations. However, what about when it comes to a product such as bulletproof automobiles? How many people would be willing to literally stand, or in this case sit, behind their product? Well that’s what Texas Armoring Corporation president Trent Kimball did recently.

As part of a demonstration video, Kimball sat behind the wheel of an armored Mercedes-Benz SUV while an employee fired at the windshield with an AK-47. The employee fired 12 shots into the windshield as Kimball sat inside the vehicle. The video switched from an outside view to the interior, showing with Kimball sitting down and not flinching as the bullets smashed into the windshield.

Texas Armoring Corporation is based in San Antonio, Texas and prides itself in producing armored passenger vehicles that, according to them, are the lightest armored vehicles in the world. So what better way to show your confidence in a product then to risk your own life?

It certainly didn't faze Kimball who, at the end of the video, exclaimed, “That was frigging amazing. It could have taken a lot more!”

However, while the video is impressive, skeptics have claimed that it was not Kimball who was sitting behind the wheel for the entire demonstration, but a mannequin. The accusations prompted the company to upload an uncut video of the interior shot on YouTube.

What do you think of this demonstration? Would you stand behind a product that would put your life at risk?