Tabeo Kids Tablet Is a 7", Android-Based Slate For Younger Learning

If it hasn't been made clear to you yet, tablets aren't just for grown-ups any longer. Of course, we've all seen kids using an iPad like a champion, but what about for parents who want to invest in something a bit cheaper -- and perhaps a bit more oriented towards learning? Toys R Us has just unveiled a listing for a new 7" children's tablet, based on Android, called the Tabeo. It's a $150 unit that's expected to go on sale this October in stores only. It's expected that more details we be flowing once those holiday papers hit the printers, with kids aged 6+ to benefit. Of course, the competition is getting fairly fierce in this department, and companies like LeapFrog already have a pretty good following. But will the use of Android open up new doors that proprietary operating systems can't? We'll see soon -- Santa, are you paying attention?

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