TA DAH!!!!!!

Well then, how do you like them apples huh???   :)

Welcome to our new home here at HotHardware.com.  What you're looking at now is a fully dynamic version of our site built on a Cold Fusion database backend.  We hope you like it.  Please leave your feedback in the poll on the top right of the page, if you have a spare second.

This was a monumental undertaking as you can imagine and frankly right now the team is so frazzeled here (well ok at least I am) that we're a bit speachless.  I do want to extend a hearty thanks to our completely dedicated staff here at HotHardware. Marco (what on earth would I do without you in this gig?), Jay, Jeff, Rob, Tom and Chris, you guys are the backbone here and I appreciate your collective energies wholeheartedly.

Also, a huge debt of gratitude goes out to our database engineer and developer, Dominic Plouffe.  You're a ninja man... a completely deadly coding ninja.  Then there's Mario at MSMDesignz, he's our artistic talent here on the graphical interface.  Mario, mio piazano.. grazie!  And last but certainly not least, many thanks to our host Ventures Online and Steve Merkel, our man behind the scenes in the NOC.  Stability, speed and calm under pressure, that's what these guys are all about.

Well, that's about it for now!  Let us know what you think, in the forum and in the poll, please. Your feedback (yes you, our extended HH family members) is what matters most!

As always, thanks for stopping by HotHardware.com!

Enjoy  :)