T-Mobile Vows To Launch Blazing Fast Nationwide 5G Wireless Network By 2020

T-Mobile just vowed to launch a “real” nationwide mobile 5G network by 2020. The company's goal is to provide blazing fast speeds, to combat AT&T’s “#Fake5G”, and dispel myths surrounding 5G.

T-Mobile plans to use part of the 600 MHz spectrum it just won for 5G, and it also has 200 MHz of spectrum in the 28/39 GHz bands. This spectrum covers roughly 100 million people in various metropolitan areas. T-Mobile plans to deploy 5G on the mid-band spectrum. According to T-Mobile, 5G can be deployed on any frequency and will provide faster speeds, lower latency, and increased battery life.

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T-Mobile’s promise is largely in response to AT&T’s “fake 5G plan”. AT&T insists that “Customers can expect to see their data speeds increase as we continue to invest in our wireless network by adding small cells and using advanced 5G Evolution achieved through upgrades like carrier aggregation, 4x4 MIMO, 256 QAM and more.” The issue with this statement is that there is not currently for 5G. AT&T is merely using 4G LTE standard technologies that are already available. 

T-Mobile is also critical of Verizon’s current plan. Verizon recently agreed to purchase fiber optic cabling from Corning for $1.05 billion. This cabling would allow the company to bring better 4G LTE coverage and speed up the deployment of 5G connectivity to homes and businesses. The issue with this plan, however, is that 5G would be restricted to a physical place. Verizon customers would be unable to get mobile 5G.

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T-Mobile is talking big, nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether it will uphold its promise. For now the company is, “making plans to take the country’s fastest, most advanced LTE network to a whole new level … and to introduce the country’s first real, nationwide 5G network, leapfrogging the competition yet again”.