T-Mobile Sells Guitar Hero Live Bundle, Rock Out With Your iOS Device Out

T-Mobile boss John Legere is a bit of a rock star among CEOs in the social media space, so it's only fitting that we see him jam out to When We Were Young by The Killers on Twitter. What's trippy, though, is that he's plucking away at a game controller and not a real instrument in order to promote the Guitar Hero Live bundle for iOS.

Guitar Hero Live is the newest installment in the popular Guitar Hero series published by Activision, and it's available to purchase at T-Mobile. It's the only mobile wireless provider selling the Guitar Hero Live for iOS bundle and yes, you can finance it just as you would a smartphone or tablet. No joke.

Guitar Hero Live

It costs $100 outright, but if you're a qualified customer, you can choose to break it down into 23 monthly chunks of $4.16 with no money down. Either way, you get a Bluetooth guitar, guitar strap, two AA batteries, and a redeemable code to download the game to any iPhone or iPad device with a lightning port.

It's definitely an oddball paring, though strangely fitting given that T-Mobile bills itself as the "Un-carrier" intent on disrupting on the mobile market. If you need another reason for T-Mobile to carry Guitar Hero Live, Legere notes in a separate Twitter post that "we know what people want!" Fair enough.