T-Mobile Launches $40 ‘Simply Prepaid’ Plan, Throttles You After 1GB Of LTE Data

T-Mobile may not have snagged third place just yet, but that hasn’t broken the carrier’s stride. Fans of the self-proclaimed “un-carrier” T-Mobile are getting another prepaid choice when the company launches the Simply Prepaid service on January 25. The plan starts at $40 per month, which nets you unlimited data, talk and text, on its 4G LTE network, though your data “bucket” is 1GB. Exceed the 1GB limit and your data speeds will be throttled (to 128 kbps speeds) until the end of the month. That’s actually not a bad deal. 


The other two tiers in the Simply Prepaid plan are as, well, simple as the first. Jumping to $50 a month gets you the same unlimited data, talk, and text, but your data bucket increases to 3GB per month. If you’re a heavy data user, the $60-per-month plan might be a better fit, with its 5GB limit. All of the plans behave the same way: you can use all the data you want, but your price point determines how much data you can consume before you start pulling data at slower speeds.

T-Mobile also offers Wi-Fi calling, which lets you use nearby Wi-Fi hotspots for calls and text. Wi-Fi calling doesn’t work with all phones, but by most recent models and all of the phones that T-Mobile currently offers. If you buy a phone when signing up for one of the Simply Prepaid plans, you can expect Wi-Fi calling to work.