T-Mobile iPhone Users Stricken With Random Restarts, Blue Screen Of Death

There's a weird issue that seems to be affecting certain iPhone devices. Those affected claim they're experiencing frequent and random restarts preceded by a blue screen that flashes on the display for a brief period. A blue screen of death, if you will. What's interesting is that the majority of complaints are coming from T-Mobile subscribers, and it only began occurring last night.

Apple news and rumor site MacRumors says it's received "several complaints from readers," though users have also reported the issue on other destinations on the web, including Facebook, Twitter, and reddit. The issue appears to be limited to the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 5S models, but not a specific OS -- there are complaints of the dreaded blue screen appearing right before a restart on various versions of iOS 8, including iOS 8.1 and iOS 8.3.

iPhone 5S

"I've had an iPhone for several years and today marked the first time I got the 'Blue Screen of Death'. It rebooted all by itself and everything is okay. But a friend also got it TWICE today for the first time. I've had no OS upgrade. Hmmm," a user complained on Facebook.

There are some theories about the root cause floating around reddit and Apple's support forums. A user who says he talked with a T-Mobile technician said the sense he received from the conversation is that it's a memory problem, and that T-Mobile is fielding quite a few calls about it. Others surmise it's the result of an update, with an easy fix.

"Okay, problem possibly fixed. Just disable the Wi-Fi Calling feature. T-Mobile probably updated their blob without telling anyone and s**t hit the fan -- bad T-Mobile!," a user wrote on Apple's forums.

Some have reported success with above fix, while others have said the problem persists. Another solution is to erase old text messages and perform a factory restore using iTunes. Not exactly convenient, but until a fix is issued, it's the best that T-Mobile has right now.