T-Mobile Intros ‘JUMP On Demand’ Phone Upgrade Program For Instant Tech Gratification

T-Mobile is well known to general consumers for its wildly popular Un-carrier promotions and in tech circles for its potty mouthed and pompous CEO, John Legere. Both of those facets of T-Mobile were on display today with the introduction of a reinvigorated Un-carrier Amped initiative. And the first promotion that will launch under Un-carrier Amped this summer is the incredibly intriguing JUMP! On Demand smartphone leasing program.

JUMP! On Demand allows you to upgrade your smartphone any time you want. There are no additional upfront costs or even taxes to fork over (as long as you have good credit) if you to upgrade to a new smartphone; you only have to trade in your existing device. And more impressively, T-Mobile will allow you to trade-in your smartphone up to three times per year, which should be music to the ears of tech fiends that simply can’t make up their mind on what smartphone to settle on (or just need to have the latest and greatest tech gadgets whenever they launch).

T-Mobile JUMP! On Demand

“While the carriers are breaking every promise they’ve ever made with their knock-off upgrade programs, we’re racing full speed ahead, making one of our most popular moves even better,” said Legere. “JUMP! On Demand is the best way to get a new smartphone whenever you want. Zero out the door. Zero at upgrade. Zero fees. Zero wait. Zero BS.”

T-Mobile is offering customers the chance to lease an 16GB iPhone 6 under the JUMP! On Demand program for $0 down and just $15 per month (18-month lease). After the 18 months is up, the smartphone has to be returned to T-Mobile in good condition, or you can buy it outright for $164. Of if you want, you can just upgrade to another smartphone and start the process all over again.

Monthly lease pricing and final payment pricing will of course vary depending on the smartphone chosen (i.e., a 128GB Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is going to cost you quite a bit more per month).

If you’re OK with not actually owning your smartphone and are a frequent upgrader, JUMP! On Demand might actually be a good fit for you. It does a good job of masking the increasingly expensive cost of flagship smartphones (a 16GB iPhone 6 has an off-contract price of $649.92, while a 128GB Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will run you $859.94 from T-Mobile).

Of course, Legere can’t announce a new promotion without punching the competition right in the kisser, and he doesn’t disappoint with JUMP! Demand. “Verizon’s quietly turned their ‘early upgrade’ program back into a two-year contract – as if nobody’ll notice. And AT&T isn’t much better. These guys just don’t get it,” Legere added. “Customers want more flexibility and freedom not less. So, while they make you wait longer and pay more, we’re changing the game again with JUMP! On Demand.”

With that said, we leave you with this video of T-Mobile’s fearless leader badmouthing the competition and using language that likely wouldn’t be appropriate amongst the company of younglings: