T-Mobile ‘Data Gone Wild’ Promo Exposes Two 6GB LTE Data Lines For $80 A Month

t mobile steve harvey
Spring Break is about to start this week at T-Mobile, and the company is promising bucketloads of mobile data instead of hardbodies frolicking around in warm sand. After showing some love to families that need four lines of service, the company’s new ‘Data Gone Wild’ promotion is aimed at customers that only need two lines of data.

Customer will receive two lines of data for a total of 12GB per month (6GB per line, non-shared) for $80 per month. Of course, that price gets you the usual perks like unlimited calling and unlimited texting that T-Mobile’s competitors all offer these days. T-Mobile also touts up its Uncarrier extras like Binge On and Music Freedom which allow you to enjoy unlimited video and music respectively without eating into your month data allotment. You also have access to Data Stash, which allows you to rollover unused data month-to-month for up to a year.

But of course, no new T-Mobile promotion is complete without some trash talking from President and CEO John Legere — and the often foul-mouthed exec wasted no time unloading on “Big Red” as he often does.


“Families who want fewer lines deserve a better option and we’re giving them one,” Legere explains. “They lure you in with the promise of a ‘Large’ serving of data for $60, only to sneak in another $20 PER LINE in monthly access fees – to use the data you already own! At Verizon, $60 actually means $100 for 2 lines and 6 GB!”

T-Mobile is also offering a special promotion for those that don’t need the latest and greatest flagship devices like the Apple iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7. The company will allow any new or existing customer to upgrade to a LG K7 or Samsung Galaxy Core Prime for $0 down when purchased using a Equipment Installment Plan.