T-Mobile Backpedals On Apple Watch Series 3 Throttling, Will Offer Full LTE Speeds

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Yesterday afternoon, we reported that T-Mobile had taken the rather unpopular decision to throttle forthcoming owners of the cellular version of the Apple Watch Series 3 to 3G speeds. Considering that the Apple Watch Series 3 is capable of downloading data at LTE speeds, an artificial limit of 512kbps left many scratching their heads.

Even more troubling was that T-Mobile planned to grant these same customers the ability to download at full LTE speeds only if they paid twice the monthly rate ($20 versus $10), which sounds like the same shenanigans that T-Mobile CEO John Legere often accuses Verizon Wireless and AT&T of pulling with customers.

Apparently, Legere heard an earful from T-Mobile customers and took to social media last night to say that he was backing down from this seemingly misguided decision. "I heard your frustration about the Apple Watch plan," said Legere via Facebook. "The Apple Watch Series 3 plan on T-Mobile will be $10/m for unlimited 4G LTE. Thanks for your feedback. We always listen & act!" Legere's apology tour extended to Twitter.

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It's good to hear that Legere is listening to customer feedback, as the original decision didn't make much sense to begin with. It's not like customers are going to be tethering their laptops to their Apple Watch or watching 4K video streams, so it doesn't make much sense to throttle them. And given that T-Mobile has been boasting about its ability to improve LTE download speeds all while America's wireless duopoly has been collapsing under its own [unlimited data] weight, you would think that the third-place wireless carrier would have welcomed the Apple Series 3 with open arms without the original speed limit.

But thankfully, cooler heads have prevailed and Apple Watch Series 3 owners will be able to enjoy the downloads same speeds (or even faster) as their counterparts on Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint.