T-Mobile Adds Shortcut To Quickly Disable Binge On, Adds Amazon Video As Streaming Partner

T-Mobile has been relatively quiet about its Binge On unlimited video streaming service ever since CEO John Legere stuck his foot in his mouth by dropping the F-bomb on the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Now that the dust has settled on that unsavory incident, T-Mobile is back at it again with some changes to the way Binge On can be enabled/disabled, and added some new streaming partners.

Binge On allows T-Mobile customers to stream unlimited video at 480p resolution without tapping into their monthly data allotment. However, T-Mobile came under fire for making Binge On opt-out instead of opt-in. While Binge On is still unfortunately opt-out, T-Mobile is at least making it easier for customers to enable or disable the service.

Binge On

Customers can type #BNG# within the phone dialer to check your current Binge On status. You can then type #BOF# to turn it off or #BON# to reenable it. In addition, T-Mobile has also made changes to “streamline” the way users adjust the setting from the MyT-Mobile.com portal (this was previously the only way to disable/enable Binge On). In addition, T-Mobile has made changed to its Android app to make toggling Binge On easy for customers; an updated iOS version is coming next month.

“Being the Un-carrier is all about listening to customers and giving them more choices and control,” said Legere. “We don’t make our customers jump through hoops to get our Un-carrier moves, and we won’t ever stop amping them up and making them even better. That’s who we are. That’s what we do.”

T-Mobile has also added some new streaming partners, bringing the total number of partners to over 40. The newest Binge On partners include Amazon Video, Fox News and the WWE Network.

Despite the blowback back that T-Mobile has received over Binge On, Legere says that its customers are enjoying mobile video more than ever, and that’s all that matters. As long as his customers are happy, he’s happy. “Binge On is our most disruptive Un-carrier move yet. It has literally changed the way millions of people are watching video,” added Legere. “They’re watching more, more than twice as much as before, and most importantly, they’re watching without worrying about bigger bills or surprise overages!”