Syte Shirt T-Shirt Holds Your iPad, But Why?

Apple claims that their iPad is highly portable. That it can be taken anywhere and used anywhere. But it's not nearly as portable as the iPod touch or iPhone, two devices that easily fit into a pocket. But there's now a way that your iPad really can be just as portable as the iPod touch, if only you're okay with buying a new shirt. That's right, a new t-shirt.

Syte Shirt is a new start-up company that's offering one of the strangest products to surface this year in the consumer electronics realm. The self-titled tee is an iPad holder at heart, but doubles as a standard t-shirt that's needed for admittance into most establishments. The company makes a huge deal about what all it can do, but it's really just a t-shirt with an iPad pouch. However, the pouch was actually well thought-out. The window on it still allows touch functionality, and there's ports open for the dock connector and the headphone jack. So you could actually use your iPad while having it in your shirt. Not sure why you would want to, but now you can.

The only problem, aside from looking totally strange, is the high price. The company is asking upwards of $50 for this, and of course, there's no iPad included.

New Start-up, Syte Shirt, Launches Hands-Free Interactive iPad Clothing

Don't carry your iPad. Be seen with it.

San Diego, CA - July 22, 2010: If you are one out of the millions iPad users out there, it's likely that you have purchased an accessory to go with your iPad. However, it's also likely that your accessory does not let you carry your iPad hands-free, allowing you to do other tasks. A new start-up in San Diego named Syte Shirt is looking to change that. Syte Shirt manufacturers an interactive shirt that lets you safely carry the iPad hands-free on your chest while allowing you and others to fully interact with the iPad through a transparent window. Not only is it an accessory, the shirt is also a fashion statement for those that want to show off cool designs, photos, movies, or animations while trotting around town. It's the first shirt that has a constantly changing design!

The functional and comfortable Syte Shirt is made from 100% pre-shrunk heavyweight cotton and features slits on the inside of the window to give you the ability to plug in your headphones or charge the iPad conveniently without having to remove it. The inside and neckline of the shirt are designed with areas of support that distribute the weight of the iPad to prevent any distortion. The placement of the iPad on the shirt also allows for lots of mobility whether you are sitting down or walking.

Some example of Syte Shirt usages:
• Play movies or interactive games to entertain your kids while keeping your hands free
• Show off your photos with a group of friends
• Broadcast a football game while enjoying a tailgate party
• Promote your artwork, music, and other multimedia anywhere
• Advertise your business by playing promotional content while speaking to customers
• Tech-savvy educators can grab students' attention by creating interactive lessons
• Trade show vendors can run product demos while working in the booth
• Businesses can hire people to be mobile info booths to display interactive info and maps

"We think of the Syte Shirt as a platform for wearable computing. The possibilities of this product are only limited by the imagination of its users, and I really think we're going to be amazed by the ideas our customers come up with for this great product. We encourage our customers to be creative and send us photos of how they're using their Syte Shirt to," says founder, Joseph A Young.

• Displays your iPad in landscape mode
• Capacitive-transmitting vinyl screen allows for full iPad functionality (water and dust-resistant)
• Hidden zipper for secure retention and convenient access
• 2 hidden port holes on the inside for headphones or charger
• Internal supports distribute weight of iPad across the body to prevent shirt distortion
• Full mobility whether you are sitting down or walking
• 100% pre-shrunk heavyweight cotton
• Machine washable
• Hang dry overnight
• Unisex
• Color: black
• Sizes: S – XXL

The Syte Shirt is available for $49.95 (S/M/L/XL) and $54.95 (XXL) at The Syte Shirt will be on display at the San Diego Comic-Con, July 21-25, on the show floor or out in the streets. The Syte Shirt's exclusive retailer at Comic-Con is Jay Company Comics ( They can be found at booth #331. Stop by for a demo and see it in action.

About Syte Shirt
Syte Shirt crafts functional clothing for iPad lovers. Design and manufacturing are both done in San Diego, California. The Syte Shirt team consists of Joseph A Young, founder, JoAn Craig, designer, and various friends lending their time towards the project. Joseph received his M.B.A. from the Rady School of Management at UCSD. For more information about Syte Shirt, visit or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.