Syndiant and Foryou Shake The Pico Projector Market Up With 1024x600 Model

The world really doesn't need another average pico projector. We've already got dozens to choose from, and much like the initial wave of netbooks, most every single one is exactly the same. You'll find a spec or two different amongst the hordes, but generally speaking, one is just as good as another. Syndiant is hoping to stop the madness and prove once and for all that innovation has a place in our society, and even a place in the stagnant pico projector market.

The company has joined with Foryou Multimedia in order to create the first high resolution pico projector that's available to the public. Unlike most of the competition, which tops out at 640x480 or 800x600 if we're lucky, this shirt-sized unit uses the world's first Wide-SVGA microdisplay. The result is a stunning 1024x600 native resolution, which easily tops the rivals that are cluttering up store shelves as we speak. The SYL2061 doesn't seem much different other than the mighty resolution, but we're still waiting for the full specifications list to be revealed. Still, we think this is a huge (and much needed) step in the right direction for pico projectors, and we're looking forward to 3M, Optoma and the rest of the gang to step up their own games to match it.

“Foryou is very excited about the pico projector market. Syndiant’s 1024x600 SYL2061 panel enables a resolution that is ideal for accessory pico projector applications such as laptops and netbooks, which benefit from higher resolution. At the same time, the small size and superior color quality enable a pocket-sized device with exceptional color and brightness. The efforts of ASTRI’s R&D team have enabled Foryou to quickly prepare this prototype,” said Jefeng, Marketing Manager at Foryou.

“We are very pleased to be working with Foryou and ASTRI,” said Mark Harward, CEO of Syndiant. “The SYL2061 panel is the first in our family of pico projector products targeting higher brightness LED illuminated accessory pico projectors. Our patented VueG8™ all-digital smart panel technology allowed accomplishing this milestone – which is just the next step in our path toward providing HD resolution in pico projectors.”